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Heart disease is a growing concern in our country among the general population today. One of the best approaches to determine the risk of heart disease is to go for ECG tests. At Prime Family Clinic, we consistently highlight the importance of preventive tests and check-ups in ensuring that your heart is healthy. We use state-of-the-art ECG equipment, follow stringent protocols and have highly skilled and experienced physicians, nurses and support staff to make sure that each ECG result is accurate. We carry out a range of diagnostic tests, on both adults and children for diagnostic and evaluation purpose. ECG aids our doctor to identify the cause of unexplained chest pressure or pain, the cause of symptoms of cardiovascular disease and the thickness of heart chambers. These tests also check how efficiently medication is working and whether they are causing any side-effects that affect the heart. We also take into consideration the history of your health and that of your family'sā€™ to detect heart problems.

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