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The premium laboratory services at Prime Family Clinic are tied up with Lister Metropolis and provides cutting edge services. The laboratory offers specialized investigations which will address the unique needs of our patients. Outpatients can provide samples at our centre, and the reports can be collected at any time comfortable for the patient. These test results are for prediction, early detection, diagnostic screening, confirmation and monitoring of the disease. With our strong tie-ups, advanced technology and dedicated team, we function effectively and provide accurate diagnoses and excellent results. Constant up-gradation and introduction of new tests and methods to meet the demands of the clinicians have been our continuous goal. Our services form an integral part of patient care, and the lab is committed to good laboratory practices, excellence in testing, examination and compliance to Quality Management System. Our programs fulfil the healthcare needs and quality expectations of our patients. At Prime Family Clinic, we strive for continuous quality improvement in all processes and services that support patient care.

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